Jen & Rosco – Oskars Wedding

How you met?

On the eighth of the eighth in 2010 at a place called Little Creatures in Fremantle, Perth. Sunday session was in full swing for the evening and the air was fairly crisp. Jen who lived on the Gold Coast at the time was in Perth for the first time with a work function. Rosco, who worked in the North West on construction sites, just happened to be having Sunday session on the way back from Margaret River. While Jen was going to the bar for the last drink, she was confronted by Rosco looking for a high-five. One high-five later and the rest is history…

How Rosco proposed?

We went on a two week holiday to Fiji in June last year and after roughing it on the outer islands; we decided to treat ourselves to the luxurious Tokoriki Island Resort for a few days. It was nearing sunset so I asked Jen if she wanted to go for a walk along the beach for some sunset photos, which wasn’t an unusual way to finish the day. I was just wearing my boardies, Jen in her bikini with a light dress and both barefoot. As Jen’s hair was a bit fizzy from the heat she decided to dip her hair in the water for the photos. As she waded out about knee deep, a wave knocked her over and she got drenched. As the sun was just starting to set, it seemed like the perfect time to drop to a knee and propose as Jen came out of the water. Of course, she never expected it and was a very fun moment!!

What did you think of your wedding day experience?

It was perfect, the weather was great, almost too good, it was a very warm Gold Coast day. Everything seemed to come together during the day with no dramas. We even had a spare half hour after photos to cruise around Burleigh in the Limo having a few wines before the reception.

What was your favourite part of the day?

It is hard to choose a favourite part of the day, the congratulations after ceremony was great when we got to see everyone who had travelled far and wide to be with us.

What have you thought of your photography experience with us?

It was a great experience; it was also a pleasure at both the planning stage of the wedding and post-wedding workshop developing our perfect album with our favourite photos. You were full of creative energy during the whole day of the wedding, which was infectious to all of us. Your artistic skills on the computer have brought out the best of each photo and our album. We have some absolute amazing photos that will be up on the wall for the rest of our lives.

Any advice for other couples planning their wedding:

Develop your own checklist from the many versions on the Internet. The list will be very long and daunting to start with but you will be soon ticking items off. Family and friends want to help so don’t forget to let them take some weight off your shoulders.

Links to suppliers that you would like to mention:

Wedding Stationery: We made all our wedding stationery with supplies from Sabre, Southport ( and Paper Annie P. Paperie, Perth (

Wedding Ceremony Venue: Alawara Mansion, Tallai, Gold Coast (

Wedding Celebrant: Benjamin Carlyle (

Wedding Music: Processional – Adele, One and Only; Singing the register – Jack Johnson, Better Together; Recessional, Plain white tees, Rhythm of love; Wedding dance – Midnight Youth, Golden Love.

Wedding Reception Venue: The beautiful Oskars Restaurant, Burleigh Heads (

Wedding Styling: Style on Q (

Wedding Flowers: Aunty Sue and Style on Q (

Wedding Cake: Cakes Alouisa (

Bridal Gown: Strictly Bridal (

Groom and Groomsmen Suits: Tailor made in Hong Kong

Wedding Shoes and Accessories: Shoes by Toni Bianco, Jewelry by Chrysalini

Wedding Hair and Makeup: Erin Gallienne (

Wedding Transport: Royale Limousines (

Honeymoon: North America – Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and Mexico!
Photographic Art, Gold Coast

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