Angie & Jarred – Cedar Lake Resort Wedding




Jarred and I were holidaying in Pottsville.  We woke up early on the morning of his birthday and went to the beach to’ check the tide for fishing’.  I was completely oblivious to the fact that he had put a box in his pocket while I was snapping a heaps of photos of the two of us and the sunrise.  Jarred finally told me to put the camera down and made me sit in his lap on the sand.  He’s not one to do the ‘corny’ thing (as he says) and gets down on one knee, so while he wrapped his arms around me he asked when we were planning to have kids.  He already knew the answer because we had discussed this many times, so I answered ‘After we get married’.  On that note Jarred said ‘Well miss Angie, you know I love you with all my heart and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.  Will you marry me?’  I was speechless, I had no idea he had planned this.  Jarred pulled the ring out of his pocket and I burst into tears of joy, while Jarred sat there smiling at me, still a little unsure if my tears meant yes.  ‘Well….’ he goes.  ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!!’ I replied through tears.  And Jarred put the gorgeous star topped engagement ring on my finger!

How you Met:

We met through mutual friends of ours while at the local pub.

Wedding Ceremony:

Our wedding ceremony was held on the golf course side of the lake at Cedar Lake Resort.  We used the path of palm trees as our aisle.  Our bridesmaids walked down the long isle in a zigzag formation, with my eldest nephew holding a ‘here comes the bride’ sign, just in front of Dad and I walking down.

Wedding Celebrant:

We had met our celebrant through a friend of ours and have known her for a while, so there was no question as to who we would choose.  Tamzin Lockhart from Cherish Ceremonies performed our beautiful marriage ceremony.  She did such a perfect job.  Even when my Dad said ‘I suppose’, Tamzin calmly said ‘Oh he’s having a hard time giving up his daughter and when the rings on the ring cushion had been tied in a double knot to ensure they didn’t fall off when my youngest nephew brought them down the aisle, she was there to help the Best Man untie the dreaded knot.  Everything was perfect.

Wedding Music:

We walked down the isle to Boyce Avenue’s acoustic version of ‘Just the Way You Are’.  Jarred and I chose ‘Teddy Geiger’-‘Halleluiah’ for our first dance, because we both agree with the words – With you every day is Saturday.  We then got my Dad and Jarred’s Mum to come up for the next song, which was ‘Guns and Roses’ – ‘Sweet Child of Mine’, before the bridal party and everyone else came to the dance floor.

Wedding Reception Venue:

Our reception was held at Blu Lake Restaurant, which is at Cedar Lake Resort.  Everything was in the one spot (including accommodation).  The lovely ladies that manage the restaurant, along with our decorators, All Budget Wedding Hire, decorated the room beautifully.

Wedding Styling:

Our bridesmaid dresses were long aqua coloured dresses beautifully beaded at the top.  We managed to find table runners and chair sashes to match the aqua.  I wanted a fairly simple looking reception room, so I didn’t go too overboard with decorations.  Our table centrepieces were a simple tall glass vase filled with water and two of the matching silk calla lilies we had in our bouquets.  You can’t go past some tea light candles which lined the front of the bridal table along with a ‘J’ ‘&’ ‘A’ in front of us.

Wedding Flowers:

I chose silk calla lilies for our flowers.  I love lilies and wanted to be able to keep the flowers and use them again

Wedding Cake:

We had a simple three tier white wedding cake decorated with black ribbon and calla lilies.  Made by Panitz Country Bake, our local bakery, each layer was a different flavour.  The base was milk chocolate, the middle white chocolate and the top, dark chocolate.

Bridal Gown:

I brought my beautiful wedding dress from Luv Bridal and Formal in Slacks Creek.  It was exactly what I wanted, I fell in love with it as soon as I tried it on.  The lovely ladies at the shop were so helpful with everything.  I definitely felt like a princess for a day in my gorgeous gown.

Groom and Groomsmen Suits:

The Groom and Groomsmen suits were purchased from Tarocash.

Wedding Shoes and Accessories:

I fell in love with my wedding shoes when I saw them on the Suna website and just had to have them.  My earrings were a birthday gift from my mum and fitted in perfectly.

Wedding Hair and Makeup:

One of my gorgeous Bridesmaids and now sister in law is a hairdresser, so she was happy to do all our up-styles on the day.  Jess and her helpful friend Melinda did such a great job.  Our very awesome makeup artists were Ellie and Julianne from Sass Body and Beauty.  They did such a great job at working their magic on all of us.

Wedding Photography:

Photographic Art were the first and only ones we met with, when considering our wedding photographer.  We fell in love with their work and couldn’t have asked for anyone better.  They are both the friendliest, most down to earth people and are very easy to get along with, so it made it easy while they helped us show off our best side on our big wedding day.  We are in love with our wedding photos they have captured, they’re just perfect!


We took two weeks off and honeymooned by the beautiful Coolangatta beach, before heading north on the highway and off on a ferry to Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort.  Both destinations are gorgeous in their own way.  We had a fantastic time relaxing, soaking up the sun, walking along the beach, tasting lots of different foods.  The highlights for me were at Tangalooma; feeding the dolphins, kayaking to the shipwrecks and walking up 200 stairs to watch the sunset where we felt like we were on top of the world.


Be organised

Wear in your new wedding shoes, to prevent blisters on the day!

Use heel stoppers to prevent your heels sinking into the grass.

No matter what happens, enjoy every minute, every second of your day!


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